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Weekly Roundup - Oct. 2

WNEM - Mackinac Center questions GlobalWatt's 2009 tax incentive deal.

Saginaw News - Center report questions legitimacy of GlobalWatt's MEGA application.

ABC 12 - GlobalWatt, state defend company's business practices.

Midland Daily News - MCPP questions GlobalWatt application for state incentives.

Freep - Michigander's income loss is the worst in the nation.

Michigan View - The co-founder of the electric car says electrics are not the future.

Detroit News - Bernero: No gas tax hike or service taxes if elected.

Michigan View - There's no security in Social Security.

Wall Street Journal - McDonald's may drop health plan as a result of Obamacare.

My Way News - House Democrats shelve a "net neutrality" proposal.

...leave to campaign without passing a budget.


Quote of the Week

"The high cost of batteries will keep pure electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt out of the mainstream consumer market...Gas prices will have to soar above $10 per gallon to make such consumer EVs economical even at the lower battery costs.

"We can't even afford to fix potholes in the road, so where are we going to get trillions for battery charge stations? The economics don't work without massive subsidies."

- Ian Wright, founder of the electric car


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