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Weekly Roundup - Oct. 16

Oakland Press - For the first time in 50 years, one senior will vote to "save" her country.

Wall Street Journal - 2010 set a huge spending record.

MCFN - the Michigan Education Association topped all lobbying spending.

Michigan View - Who won the great debate?

Carpe Diem - Forced distribution of income versus blood.

Greg Mankiw - Barney Frank, then and now.

Telegraph - One U.S. physics professor calls global warming the "most successful pseudoscientific fraud" he's ever seen.

Telegraph - Black Republicans offer hope to some.

Wall Street Journal - Capitalism saved the Chilean miners.


Quote of the Week

"About one of 57 medical doctors and one of 97 lawyers loses his or her license annually for malpractice.  In contrast, only one in 2,500 unionized, public school teachers with tenure gets fired each year."

-         As reported in the movie Waiting for "Superman" (H/T to Carpe Diem)


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