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Experience is Good, Except When it’s Not

From the Michigan Daily's "cheat sheet" for the elections yesterday (bold added):

Remember, experience is good!

You can't argue with 55 years of experience. As the U.S. representative from the 15th District, JOHN DINGELL brings a wealth of knowledge about D.C. politics and the ability to maneuver legislation through Congress. Once again, he is right for the job.


In the race for the 18th District state Senate seat, Republican John Hochstetler's lack of progressive enthusiasm and interest in tax abatement isn't going to get him the needed support to take the vacant seat. His Democratic opponent and current state House representative from the 53th District, REBEKAH WARREN, has experience and a background focused on pushing for progressive social change

Except when it's not...

Though incumbent Republicans Andrea Fischer Newman and Andrew Richner are experienced members of the University Board of Regents, new opinions are needed. Democratic challengers PAUL BROWN and GREG STEPHENS will fight against tuition increases and bring new voices to a board disconnected from students' needs.


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