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Weekly Roundup - Jan. 22

Lansing State Journal - Public employee wages are increasingly under the microscope.

Daily Press & Argus - Some a looking to end the forced childcare unionization.

Reuters - The public strongly apposes raising the current debt ceiling limit.

The Blaze - Michael Moore says people own guns because they're afraid of those of a differen race.

New York Times - State budget gaps have forced a bi-partisan mindset.

President Barack Obama - We need a new regulatory system.

American for Tax Reform - A comprehensive list of tax hikes in ObamaCare.


Quote of the Week

"In the late 1950s China decided to overtake the U.K. in steel production. Some 40 million Chinese were killed in pursuit of an idiotic goal irrelevant to China's eventual development.

"Now the Chinese are placing big bets on wind farms and solar panels. Go to it, fellas! If they think the future is what a certain New York Times columnist says it is, the rest of us can rest easy"

- Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal

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