MEA Prez and VP should talk

MEA president Steve Cook and vice-president Nancy Strachan should talk.

The Michigan Education Association and other unions are starting to be called out for bullying former members by ridiculing them with insults like “freeloaders” because they opted out of their union via right-to-work.

Nancy Strachan, vice president of the Michigan Education Association, told WILX TV in Lansing recently that her union stays away from the term "freeloader….”

For The Record says: Let me Google that for you. If the MEA is staying away from insulting its former members, MEA President Steve Cook never got that memo. Cook has used the term “freeloader” in an interview on WKAR's “Off the Record.” And Cook has used the term “freeload,” “freeloading,” or “freeloader” eight times … in one press release posted on the MEA’s own website. Cook included this quote about right-to-work: “or as I call it, ‘Freedom to Freeload.’ ”