Got Academics?

District undecided whether to close the 'B' school or the 'F' school

The Saginaw School District has decided to close one of its two conventional high schools as part of its deficit elimination plan, MLive reported. The decision is expected in early 2015. While there is much discussion in the community as to which high school is closed, if academic performance were considered, there isn’t much debate. In 2012 and 2014, Arthur Hill High School received “Bs” in the Mackinac Center report card. Saginaw High was given “Fs” both times. The 2012 report card was based on four-years of data.

ForTheRecord says: In the state-wide debate on accountability via conventional schools and charter schools, the Michigan Department of Education claims (but can’t verify) that conventional schools are closed for academic reasons. Charter school advocates say that it has never happened with conventional schools yet happens regularly with charters. In a situation like Saginaw where one of two conventional schools has a clear track record of better academic performance, a conventional school board still hesitates to close a school based on poor academics.

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