'I Hate Republicans' on Campus vs. Bipartisan Respect in the Legislature

Michigan Capitol Confidential reported Dec. 18 on a University of Michigan professor and department chair who authored an article titled “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans,” which was posted on the liberal website “inthesetimes.com.” Since that report, the publication has changed the title to “We Can’t All Just Get Along,” and the column by the U-M instructor still opens with the line, “I hate Republicans.”

For the Record says: This U-M professor has a record of demonizing and insulting political opponents, exhibiting a close-mindedness all too common in left wing academics. In striking contrast to this is the Michigan Capitol Confidential Dec. 19 story about two state representatives, one a Democrat and one a Republican, working across party lines in the Legislature to protect Michigan citizens from the consequences of overcriminalization. Bipartisan Respect 1, “Hate” 0.