What if this had Happened at a Charter School?

The Clio Board of Education voted Feb. 17 to terminate the contract of former Superintendent James Tenbusch, MLive recently reported. The firing came in response to allegations of theft, student bribery, drinking and driving, and the presence of 68 pornographic images and videos on the school computer he used. Tenbusch was accused of drinking alcohol at a school event and then driving, and bribing students to come to school with $10 Walmart gift cards. The district also claims Tenbusch falsified information to get $25,000 in unearned paid time off.

ForTheRecord says: The unionized conventional public school “blob” and its media allies have used alleged failings at some charter schools to call for severe restrictions and sanctions on the schools of choice. At the same time, they have remained relatively silent when similar issues pop up at conventional schools. Imagine the furor if this report had originated in a charter school.