96 Percent of Michigan Schools Getting Richer

A recent MLive news story opened by reporting that “some” Michigan school districts could see a decrease in state funding under Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget proposal, but the “majority” would see some sort of increase. The article doesn't say how many schools are projected to get reduced funding.

ForTheRecord says: “Some” means 33 out of 800-plus conventional school districts and charter schools will lose money, with funding trimmed by $23 per pupil on average. Meanwhile, hundreds of other districts and charter schools – 96 percent of them – will get an increase in funding. Some high-profile examples:

  • Detroit Public Schools (+$191 per pupil)
  • Battle Creek Public Schools (+$191 per pupil)
  • Albion Public Schools (+$236 per pupil)
  • Flint Community Schools (+$307 per pupil)

During last year's election campaign allies of the public school establishment attempted a "Big Lie" strategy peddling the false claim that annual school budgets had been cut by $1 billion. The poor-mouthing is now carrying over to a new school year. However, the Snyder administration budget proposal delivers even more funding to public schools. State dollars to K-12 schools will rise from $11.94 billion in 2014-15 to $12.26 billion in 2015-16 and to $12.64 billion the following year.

Editor's note: This ForTheRecord was changed.