Who You Gonna Believe? A K-12 Superintendent or the State Constitution?

Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Dan Behm wrote a letter to parents about being “distressed” about the Legislature using the School Aid Fund for universities rather than just K-12 education.

“These unprecedented actions represent a dangerous trend where the School Aid Fund – the fund voters established in the Michigan Constitution in 1994 (Proposal A) to support K-12 education – continues to be used as an ATM to siphon money away from the education of our kids,” he wrote.

ForTheRecord says: Behm says the School Aid Fund established in the Michigan Constitution is “to support K-12 education” rather than colleges. The Michigan Constitution says different.

Article IX, section 11 of the state constitution reads, “There shall be established a state school aid fund which shall be used exclusively for aid to school districts, higher education, and school employees' retirement systems, as provided by law.”