Every Corporate Welfare Incentive Means New Jobs, Except for Most of Them

MEDC says 'every' subsidized project 'means jobs'

In comments for a MIRS news story on companies that have received more than one round of subsidies and tax breaks from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, spokesman Michael Shore defended his agency:

"Michigan competes with 49 other states and numerous countries for new job-creating investments. Every project that receives an incentive means new jobs for Michiganders," Shore said. "It is foolish to think a company that's gotten one incentive and been successful in creating jobs in Michigan should be barred from continuing its growth here. We want a company that is growing in Michigan to continue to invest, expand and create even more jobs in our state."

ForTheRecord says: Shore said that every project granted an "incentive" means new jobs for Michigan. However, a September 2013 report by the Office of the Auditor General showed that recipients of selective tax credits only met 19 percent of their projected job totals. The report found that one company only created 14 of the 200 jobs it was projected to create.

The MEDC has offered selective benefits to companies many, many, many, many, many, many times (you get the picture) that created few or no jobs.