The Republicans Who Voted to Ration School Choice in Detroit

As part of a Detroit schools bailout package, Michigan Senate Republicans passed a bill this week that could be used to reverse or halt the progress of school choice in the city. It would give a new commission, appointed by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, extensive power over whether and where new public schools will be allowed in the city, including charter schools.

The bills have charter school groups extremely concerned, despite the fact that Detroit charters have a superior record compared to district schools, according to experts at Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), among others.

ForTheRecord says: Democrats have fought the expansion of Michigan's charter schools, few of which are unionized. And this bill gained the votes of eight Democratic Senators.

The Michigan House has its own Detroit schools governance and finance package that is much heavier on reform and friendlier to school choice, so the Senate bill’s prospects on the other side of the Capitol are uncertain. Republicans hold a 27-11 majority over Democrats in the Senate.

Here are the 13 Republican senators who voted to put new restrictions on the growth of school choice in Detroit: Mike Green (Mayville), Goeff Hansen (Hart), Dave Hildenbrand (Lowell), Ken Horn (Frankenmuth), Rick Jones (Grand Ledge), Marty Knollenberg (Troy), Mike Kowall (White Lake), Jim Marleau (Lake Orion), Arlan Meekhof (West Olive), Mike Nofs (Battle Creek), Margaret O’Brien (Portage), Jim Stamas (Midland) and Dale Zorn (Ida).