Mark Ruffalo Wants Government to Defund the Police — But Fund His Films

'Hulk' star has appeared in many taxpayer subsidized movies

Actor Mark Ruffalo has signed on to a movement to defund local police departments that “refuse to implement the reforms needed to protect Black lives.”

On July 11, the actor who plays Bruce Banner and the Hulk tweeted, “Defund bad cops and police departments. Tell Obama: We need an executive order!”

He then linked to a site that provides a form letter to send to the President.

ForTheRecord says: Public safety is a core function of government, but subsidizing film production is not. Like most everyone, Ruffalo benefits from police protection. But he is among a tiny and privileged few who also benefit from film subsidies.

Specifically, Ruffalo has made a great deal of money appearing in films whose producers were paid millions of taxpayer dollars via state film subsidies. His subsidized movies include "The Avengers," "Iron Man 3" and "Foxcatcher." Ruffalo has recently lobbied for tax credits for moviemakers.

If Ruffalo ever finds himself in need of emergency services, maybe he should try calling a state film subsidy office for help.