Party In Crony Capitalism Revolt Holds Convention at Government-Owned Hotel

But some Michigan GOP delegates may feel right at home

As Republican Party delegates head to Cleveland to nominate a presidential candidate, most are probably unaware that the convention is being hosted by a taxpayer-funded hotel, the Hilton Cleveland Downtown.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the hotel is actually a government project, owned by Cuyahoga County via an arrangement with an entity known as a port authority. (Some GOP legislators have been promoting one in Michigan as well.)

According to the Journal, taxpayers are liable for the debt this entity incurred to create the $276 million facility.

ForTheRecord says: The taxpayer-subsidized facilities won’t seem unusual to some Michigan GOP delegates. Detroit and other Michigan cities have seen flashy projects that received subsidies in the name of economic development.

For example, four years ago, Michigan’s Legislature voted to greenlight a government-subsidized hockey arena project for the Detroit Red Wings. The multi-venue venture — which also includes a hotel — is being financed with $260 million in taxpayer funds.

The facility was hailed by Gov. Rick Snyder as “a project that will help revitalize Detroit.” Previous flashy projects in Detroit also have introduced with hopeful promises.