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Dear Michigan Capitol Confidential,

Troy, MI
I must be a masochist to want to continue because every time I read the latest of Michigan Capitol Confidential, I go from blissful ignorance to informed anger!

Warren, MI
We find it most interesting and informative. Have used the senators' addresses that you've provided to let them know how I feel about certain bills that will be voted on. Thank you for that opportunity.

Grand Rapids, MI
I was pleased to receive what appears to be your first publication. I found it very insightful, informative and a needed tool to help fight the battle against the fools that have turned our capitol into a laughing stock monkey-house. Please continue to deliver this newspaper to me regularly.

Oscoda, MI
I just finished reading the latest issue of Capitol Confidential and I have decided on the days I read the magazine I can do without my treadmill work out because you folks do a much better job of raising my heart rate. I cannot believe what "We the people" are letting our politicians get away with.

Grand Rapids, MI
Thank you for sending the "Michigan Capitol Confidential" to my home. I found it to be refreshing and informative reading. Where have you been? I have been looking and praying for good, sound, and honest reporting for decades.

Rochester Hills, MI
Excellent Paper! I first read "Spending Restraint Loses in Legislature" and read it to a friend out loud and it got us both upset. Then I read another article and then wondered how I got it. This is a paper I hope I always get!!!!!!

I have always said we all need to know what was happening and get out and vote at the very least, but how can we if we are so engrossed in our everyday lives?



"How do you use Michigan Capitol Confidential? Please let us know!"




Why we give Party Affiliations:
The Legislature is managed as a partisan institution. Lawmakers segregate themselves by party in matters from daily meetings to seating. They have separate and taxpayer-financed policy staffs to provide them with research and advice from differing perspectives. As such, gaining a full understanding of the vote of an individual lawmaker requires knowing his or her partisan affiliation.