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I'm Just a Bill

A sampling of proposed new state laws, as described on

(Establish official state “Scottish Tartan”)
Introduced by state Sen. Glenn Anderson,D – Westland

Establishes that henceforth and forever more (or at least until a future legislature and governor see fit to declare otherwise), the official Scottish tartan of the great state of Michigan shall be the one described by the Scottish hand weavers and textile designers “thread count” denoted by the phrase “BG18* W2 BG8 W2 T8 DG2 T4 DG24 DR4 DG4*,” where the symbol “*” denotes 1/2 the total threads at the turning points. The bill is cosponsored by Senators John Gleason, Michael Prusi, Martha Scott, Deborah Cherry, Dennis Olshove, Michael Switalski, Raymond Basham, and Patricia Birkholz.


(Authorize state Cobo Hall expansion subsidy)
Introduced by state Sen. Nancy Cassis, R – Novi

Would use $50 million of the tobacco settlement money deposited in the "21st Century Jobs Fund" over the next years to subsidize an expansion of Cobo Hall in Detroit.


(Expand state government Commission on Spanish-Speaking Affairs duties)
Introduced by state Sen. Valde Garcia, R – Howell

Revises the definition of "Spanish speaking" persons and populations in the law that created a state government Commission on Spanish-Speaking Affairs, and requires this commission to "coordinate a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration" in addition to its current duties. These include securing "appropriate recognition of Spanish-speaking accomplishments," advising the governor and legislature on the "coordination of state programs serving Spanish-speaking people" and on "the nature, magnitude, and priorities of the problems of Spanish-speaking people," etc.


(Establish rules for disposition of pets in divorce)
Introduced by state Rep. Michael Sak, D – Grand Rapids

Authorizes a court in a divorce case to order either the placement of any pets with one or the other party, or that the pet be surrendered to the humane society. A court could not order "shared custody"; however the parties could agree to this if they choose. Any agreement about pets between the parties would be made enforceable under the bill.


(Create state Asian Pacific American affairs commission)
Introduced by state Rep. Hoon-Yung Hopgood, D – Taylor

Creates a government Asian Pacific American affairs commission, an office of Asian Pacific American affairs, and an interagency council on Asian Pacific American affairs. Among other things the commission would have the mission of advising the governor and legislature on the coordination and administration of state programs serving Asian Pacific Americans; make recommendations for changes in state programs, statutes, and policies; and advise on the nature, magnitude, and priorities of the problems of Asian Pacific Americans in this state.


(Authorize new landfill materials bans)
Introduced by state Sen. Jud Gilbert, R – Algonac

Would ban disposal of newspapers or newsprint in a landfill.

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