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AG Dana Nessel’s Lawsuit Response Claims COVID-19 is ‘Wily ... Pernicious ... Foe’

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has responded to a lawsuit filed on behalf of three medical practices that were shut down due to the COVID-19 executive orders.

The AG’s response stated: “These are unprecedent [sic] times. Michigan, like the rest of the world, is at war. But not with an enemy it knows. Not with an enemy it can see. Michigan is at war with an invisible foe. A foe so stealthy that it took us by surprise and, as the battle rages on, continues to surprise us with its pervasiveness and reach. A foe so wily that we do not know who has been exposed to it, who is doing the exposing, and how we will ultimately arm ourselves against its pernicious attacks. A foe so deadly that it has taken the lives of thousands of Michiganders and sickened tens of thousands more in mere months. While our foe has no face, it has a name: SARS-CoV-2, or COVID-19.”

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