Multi-vaccinated Biden gets COVID; had claimed vaccinations prevent infection

Overheated claims and the heavy hand of government have created public distrust

President Joe Biden, 79, has COVID-19, and thankfully his symptoms are "mild." But if the COVID-19 vaccine were what Biden had claimed a year ago, he wouldn't have contracted the virus at all. 

Biden has not only been vaccinated, and not only been boosted, but publicly so — on stage, with cameras rolling.

As recently as last July, at a CNN town hall, Biden claimed the experimental vaccine would prevent infection altogether.

In Sept. 2021, the same month Biden took his booster, and long after it was known that the vaccinated could still catch COVID, President Biden mandated the vaccine for federal employees.

Biden himself, in getting the booster, had changed his tune from months earlier. Now, Biden wasn't saying the vaccine would prevent infection. He was saying "it could save your life." 

But why had Biden claimed the vaccine would prevent COVID infections? It wasn't true, so how could he have spoken the words with such certainty? What was the source of that faulty claim? And why would a vaccine that does not prevent infection be mandated? 

Biden's vaccine mandates have fared poorly in courts of law. But why were they ever issued, given what was known at the time?

Roughly 75% of COVID deaths are among people 65 or older, per data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why not target outreach to those people, rather than forcing the jab on others who didn't want it, or feel they needed it? Fewer than 5% of COVID deaths are among people 45 and under.

Even so, some public schools are attempting, as summer nears its end, to make a return to the classroom in the fall contingent on vaccination rates. In January, Detroit Public Schools Community District Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said a vaccine mandate was "necessary" to get kids back in the classroom. Detroit has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Michigan.

Bridge Magazine reports that COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy is spilling over into other realms of life. People are becoming more distrustful of vaccines they never questioned before, and fewer kids are getting those vaccinations as a result. 

That distrust owes directly to the heavy hand of government. From Biden's vaccine mandate to Michigan airing almost $90 million in vaccine ads through June, the push came hard.

Biden will no doubt issue a statement thanking the vaccine. But if the jab did what Biden claimed, he wouldn't have COVID to begin with.

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