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Average State Employee Takes 27.3 Paid Days Off Each Year

17.1 days is paid leave and the rest is sick time

State of Michigan employees took an average of 10.2 sick days in the 2017-18 fiscal year, according to the Michigan Civil Service Commission’s annual workforce report.

That appears to be typical of recent history. In 2016-17, the average state employees used 10.3 sick days, and in 2015-16, the figure was 10.2 days.

The average 10.2 sick days used in the last fiscal year were in addition to the 17.1 days of annual leave (including vacation time) that the average state employee used. It adds up to the average state worker missing about 27 days of work in 2017-18.

A state employee can receive up to 13 paid sick days a year under the various union contracts, accrued by earning four hours of sick leave for every 80 hours worked.

The average state employee has accrued 12 years of service, according to the workforce report. According to union contracts examined by Michigan Capitol Confidential, that level of seniority permitted a worker to a total of 19.1 days of paid leave each year.

A state employee with 20 years of seniority would be eligible for 25 days of paid leave each year, plus 13 sick days.

The report listed the average annual salary of state employees as $60,782 in 2017-18.