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Average Teacher Pay In Highest-Paying School District: $81,168

Walled Lake and Utica districts keep top two positions for another year

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools maintained its title as the Michigan school district with the highest-paid teachers for a second consecutive year, according to a recent report released by the Michigan Department of Education.

Walled Lake teachers received an average salary of $81,168 in 2017-18, the department reported. The district is located in Oakland County and has 13,670 students and had 768 full-time teachers as of 2017-18. The top of the teachers union pay scale was $91,025.

The second-highest paid Michigan teachers work for the Utica Community School district in Macomb County. Utica teachers made an average salary of $79,799 in 2017-18.

Highest Paying School District By Year
Based on average annual salary

2017-18: Walled Lake Consolidated Schools $81,168

2016-17: Walled Lake Consolidated Schools $81,593

2015-16: Utica Community Schools $80,334

2014-15: Farmington Public Schools $83,903

2013-14: Redford Union Schools $86,675

Top 10 Highest-Paying Districts In Most Recent State Report
2017-18 Average Teacher Salary

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools $81,168

Utica Community Schools $79,799

Warren Consolidated Schools $79,694

Melvindale-North Allen Park Schools $79,666

Farmington Public Schools $77,582

Allen Park Public Schools $76,840

East China School District $76,362

Lakeview Public Schools (Macomb County) $76,192

Southgate Community School District $75,947

L’Anse Creuse Public Schools $75,491