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Columnist Conjures Images of Dead Children to Support Lockdowns

Data suggest children are least at risk; only a dozen deaths nationwide

In a recent column, Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom asked, “Ask yourself this question: If America could return to normal life tomorrow, but one of your family members had to die, would you say OK?”

“But siren calls are luring us from our safe zones. Money to be made. Work to be accomplished. Beaches to be visited. Nails and hair to be cut and beautified,” Albom wrote.

He then referenced “parents who have lost an otherwise healthy child to COVID-19 …”

The average age of someone who dies of COVID-19 in Michigan is 75.3 years, according to the state of Michigan.

In the United States there have been five children ages 0 to 4 who have died from COVID-19 from Feb. 1 through May 16, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are nearly 20 million children aged 0-4 in the U.S. as of 2018.

The nationwide child fatalities rise to 12 if the age range is extended to 0-14. There’s nearly 61 million children ages 0-14 in the U.S.

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