CapCon’s agenda: facts and solutions

The multimedia era begins at Michigan Capitol Confidential

Dave Bondy has joined the Michigan Capitol Confidential team as digital and video content manager. The veteran broadcast journalist will extend CapCon’s reach into video, audio and social media. 

As traditional news organizations endure budget cuts and lose professional reporting talent, they fail to question or even recongize the absurdity of bills that Michigan leaders are pushing into law. CapCon aims to provide expertise and tenacity as the legacy media lose steam. 

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, CapCon’s parent nonprofit, maintains a legal team ready to to respond when government denies a request under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act.  The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation has sued the University of Michigan over its secrecy about such public topics as salaries at the Office of Institutional Equity, how the university spent donated funds, information the university supplied Gov. Whitmer’s officials about COVID policy and political statements made by the university president. Transparency is an ideal worth fighting for.

We are residents of this state. We want our elected officials to serve with integrity or at least with respect for the law. We bring accurate, document-based reporting on what government does, not just on what politicians say it does. Too many reporters have become excuse-makers and repeaters. We vow to be neither. When we take a side, we take your side.

Our goal is to provide you with the facts, data, documents and perspective you need to engage as a citizen.

Have your representatives in Lansing heard your voice this year?

How about the ones we send to Washington? What about your city council and school board?

Don’t click and scroll all day. Take what you learn and get involved. Our state institutions do not run themselves. The people who run them should always hear your input.

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Jamie A. Hope is assistant managing editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential. Email her at

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