Celebrate freedom, but be sure to speak up, too

Michigan Capitol Confidential is Michigan's Watchdog. We are asking for your help.

Freedom is the ability to decide for yourself. That’s what we celebrate on Independence Day, with loved ones and smoked meats and bombs bursting in air.

How will you spend your days? Where will you live?

Where will your kid go to school? Are you free to make that choice as a family, or is that decision made by a government official?

Will you be free to earn a living, or are you forced to join a union first? Is the door closed on your face due to your race, sex, creed, or religion?

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy exists to tell these stories, and fight these battles. We do not pretend to have the answers. But we’ll not going to pretend the government does, either.

We believe that we, the people, should be free to set our own path in life. Even in a pandemic. Even in the next emergency, which is sure to come. We believe in speaking up. If not Mackinac, who?

We need your help.

We all live somewhere. Our lives are all affected by the government in some way, from locals to the feds. How? In what ways? Tell us what you see, hear, and are told. Tell us when public officials deny you access to information, or quote outrageous price tags for public records. Tell us about life in your corner of Michigan.

We will listen. We will file public information requests. We will question your government officials, not explain away their actions. And we will get answers.

Happy Fourth of July.

James David Dickson is managing editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential. Email him at

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