McMorrow blames racism for out-of-control state spending

...or something like that; it’s hard to tell

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story presented a paraphrase as a quote. We regret the error and have removed the quote and the paraphrase.

“It’s sad but not surprising, that some of the key things Republicans on here are upset about in the state budget are investments in programs or projects for Black and Brown Michiganders,” State Sen. Mallory McMorrow tweeted Monday. “We’ll keep delivering to make sure EVERYONE feels welcome and supported in Michigan.”

That was the senator’s response to Michiganders who criticize frivolous and unsustainable spending that only benefits select residents. McMorrow brags about being a “straight, white, Christian, married, suburban mom” who nevertheless is sensitive to “slavery or redlining or systemic racism.”

So if anybody knows the struggle is real, McMorrow does.

The strange part is that the $80.4 billion 2024 budget McMorrow voted for doesn’t include a whole lot of investing in “Black and Brown Michiganders.”

Michigan taxpayers of all colors will be forking over more than $1.3 billion in grants to organizations like the Detroit Grand Prix, as well as billions to ancient relics of the patriarchy such as Ford Motor Co. Meanwhile, residents struggle to pay energy and grocery bills.

Lansing went on a spending spree that has left many questioning the long-term consequences of blowing through a $9 billion surplus. Massive pork projects do nothing to address the real challenges Michigan faces. If McMorrow wants to understand why Black and Brown voters nationwide are deserting her party, she should spend less time white knighting and more time focusing on what people — all people — need to get by in modern society.

The goodies McMorrow’s fellow Democrats are giving out do nothing to address real problems such as infrastructure, roads, and population loss. The amount they are spending is unsustainable, and their only plan is to keep taking more money from taxpayers. 

It is inappropriate to use taxpayer dollars for district pork projects. It is wholly inappropriate to spend any public money for any reason without metrics, a well-established public need, and a solid projected return on investment. Since McMorrow has the familiar Democratic habit of saying “investment” when she means “public spending,” it’s worth considering how actual investors behave. No successful investor is going to provide funding for a company that does not provide, nor even bother to calculate, positive financial projections. Our elected leaders are not using due diligence and financial acumen to protect Michiganders’ economic interests.

Almost two-thirds of the pork project funding recently approved by Lansing were added hours before the spending plan vote. The current Legislature is not the first to spend our money in an irresponsible manner. Last year’s budget included funding for private, for-profit entities and nonprofits created days after the budget passed. Even the sibling of a lawmaker got a cut of public money, as reported by The Detroit News.

“Before the new population council could make any recommendations, Democrats already spent all our surplus, failing to invest in roads, bridges, police and service communities need to attract residents,” tweeted Rep. Matt Hall, R-Richland. “What now? Will Democrats raise taxes to pay for the needs they ignored?”

If Lansing leaders have their way, their mismanaged spending this year will result in tax hikes next year and for years to come. And the burden of bloated government will fall on all races, creeds, colors and religions. All Michiganders will end up wishing they had more of the color green.

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