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Data Shows Nursing Homes The Largest COVID-19 Source, Whitmer Shuts Down Bars

Bars are but a footnote in state list of top infection sources

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said in a recent press conference she knows where and how the novel coronavirus is spreading.

Whitmer said July 29: “After seeing a resurgence in cases connected to social gatherings across the state, we must further limit gatherings for the health of our community and economy.”

The executive order also says: “The virus’s resurgence is closely associated with super-spreading events at large social gatherings.”

But the state’s top health official later appeared to contradict Whitmer’s conclusions.

“Local health departments last week were able to identify the source of infection for about 32% of the new cases that occurred, meaning we don't know where about 68% of the cases were exposed,” said Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun at the press conference.

“So, last week alone, there were 78 new outbreaks identified by our local health departments. And I’m going to break those down for you: 31% of those outbreaks were associated with nursing homes or other adult care facilities; 22% of those were associated with social gatherings; 10% were associated with workplaces. And another 9% were associated with restaurants. Other places where we were finding outbreaks includes childcare, agricultural work settings, bars, personal care services, and gyms,” Khaldun said.


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