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Infighting at the SEIU

Union behind Proposal 4 facing lawsuit that was filed by its own employees

… inner workings of the SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … case,  Jolliffi vs SEIU Healthcare Michigan , … take place by mail, as SEIU Healthcare boss Marge … of the union. SEIU Healthcare Michigan … more

Are You Kinda Republican, Really Republican or Really, Really Republican?

SEIU's in-depth survey

… government employee unions, SEIU draws much of its funding … thing about this is how SEIU leaders see their members … more
Rob and Pat Haynes

Michigan Senate Should Help End Illegal Unionization

… sending the money to an SEIU affiliate. For … pushing wheelchairs. The SEIU, however, cannot negotiate … to grant these. The SEIU nevertheless receives … years. He argues the SEIU is out of place here, … more

How Right-to-Work and the End of the 'Dues Skim' Killed the SEIU in Michigan

Membership, revenue and political spending plummet

… about supporting the SEIU, they responded by opting … Granholm worked with the SEIU to “organize” home … employees” so that the SEIU could claim to be representing … Medicaid recipients. SEIU Healthcare-Michigan … more

Time for Labor Unions to Collect their Own Dues

The on-going SEIU dues skim must end

… organizations — primarily the SEIU — still siphon an estimated … private sector unionism, SEIU sought to regain ground … government-administered aid program. SEIU entrapped workers any … decided to stand up to SEIU. The Legislature banned … more

Union Members Down, Money For SEIU Up

'Dues skim' contributes to higher union funding

… International Union (SEIU). Healthcare Michigan … Jennifer Granholm, the SEIU targeted the Medicaid … communications for SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … also: MichCapCon Coverage of the SEIU Michigan … more

Most of the Arrested Anti-Right-to-Work Protesters Have SEIU 'Dues Skim' Connections

Son of SEIU Healthcare Michigan president one of those facing charges

… affiliated with the SEIU Healthcare Michigan … Kersting, is the son of SEIU Healthcare Michigan … Faville. Kersting's current status at SEIU Healthcare Michigan … International Union (SEIU) affiliate a while back … more

'Forced Unionization' Brings In $28 Million For SEIU ... And Climbing

The overwhelming majority of the money can be used for almost anything the union desires

… almost anything the SEIU desires, including advertising, … and passed on to the SEIU so far is as follows: 2007: … words that Ken Cole (SEIU lobbyist) seemed to … the MQC3. They (the SEIU) have absolutely no … more

Union Behind Michigan ‘Dues Skim’ Facing More Corruption Allegations

SEIU Healthcare Michigan has a history of problems

… ongoing saga surrounding SEIU Healthcare Michigan. This … not new to scandals. SEIU Healthcare Michigan … belong to the union, SEIU Healthcare Michigan … breaking away from the SEIU and repeatedly alleging … more

SEIU Affiliate’s Revenue Cut in Half After 'Dues Skim' Ended

SEIU Healthcare Michigan dues collection went from $11.3 million to $5.4 million

… exploitation ended. SEIU Healthcare Michigan … the mid-2000s when SEIU moved to grab a share … Jennifer Granholm, SEIU was allowed to carry … union's coffers. SEIU Healthcare Michigan's … more

SEIU Lays Out Plan to Try and Continue 'Dues Skim'

Union blames 'right-wing forces' for end of scheme that locked 45K workers into the SEIU

… in. Only this time the SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … Capitol Confidential, the SEIU Healthcare Michigan … would potentially give SEIU Healthcare Michigan … union officer election SEIU Healthcare Michigan had … more

Union Electrician and Wife: 'The SEIU Never Did Anything For Us'

Milliron family says they don't think the SEIU should be able to lock its forced unionization into the state constitution

… orchestrated by the SEIU when Jennifer Granholm … did,” she said. “The SEIU never did anything for … was forced into the SEIU in 2006 and for two … information from the SEIU after the mail-in election.  “But … more

SEIU Sues Its Own Members for Banquet Hall They Paid For

Taylor school employees decertify, so union retaliates

… merger between the SEIU’s Taylor and Lansing … Because of the merger, SEIU Local 517M of Lansing … 400 signatures to the SEIU headquarters in Washington, … planned on staying SEIU — just dissolve the … more

SEIU Dues Skim All About Politics

… Faville, president of SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … is over whether the SEIU can forcibly extract … as much . When the SEIU filed suit in federal … more

Michigan Health Care Workers Seeking Exit from Scandal-Ridden SEIU Affiliate

Leader of rival union accuses local SEIU boss of spending $5,420 on pizza, but just $8,800 on collective bargaining

… International Union (SEIU), but say they have … themselves out of the SEIU Michigan Healthcare … the employees. “But SEIU keeps filing charges … workers claim that their SEIU representatives dragged … more

Connecticut Now Struggling With Caregiver Unionization Efforts

SEIU loss in Michigan not stopping the union

… seven years after the SEIU used a mail-in election … of that scheme, the SEIU has taken nearly $33 … Medicaid checks. The SEIU convinced home-based … coverage. In Michigan, the SEIU’s scheme took place … more

SEIU: Go on strike against your family members

The SEIU represents hundreds … home-care aid workers the SEIU is urging to strike … unionized by the SEIU. That ended this summer … more

GOP Senator Tries to Save SEIU Healthcare ‘Employer’

… dues-paying members of SEIU Healthcare Michigan . … runs the program for SEIU and passes the union … questions about the SEIU ( Note: parenthetical … collect union dues for SEIU? (MQC3 basically runs … more

An End Finally in Sight for the SEIU Dues Skim

Voters overwhelmingly reject the forced unionization scheme

… Michigan. But the SEIU's scheme should now … stop." Since 2005, the SEIU has taken more than … rubber stamp for the SEIU. The primary impact … governor replacing the SEIU-friendly board members, … more

SEIU Ballot Language Disconnected From Reality

… representative" is the SEIU. “Allow” does not mean … to  pay dues  to the SEIU, which can spend the … from caregivers to the SEIU, which to date has taken … more

SEIU Tries to Continue Dues Scheme

Leaked document maps out 'dues skim' plan

… that case. The SEIU Healthcare Michigan … significant that the SEIU calls the MQC3 the employer … employer. So why does the SEIU maintain otherwise? … more

SEIU 'Skim Tracker' Stops Ticking

After seven years and more than $34 million taken from home-based caregivers, union contract officially ends

The SEIU " skim tracker " has … are the checks the SEIU was taken money from. … of the scheme, the SEIU took more than $34 million, … Confidential Coverage of the SEIU 'Dues Skim' Voters … more

Confirmed: The SEIU 'Dues Skim' Finally Ends

Home-based caregivers no longer losing money to union

… the contract with the SEIU and, in turn, stopped … reality." The SEIU, however, took $34,416,335.21 … tracking the money the SEIU took.  In the meantime, … dues-paying members, the SEIU targeted the Medicaid … more

SEIU Sues State, Governor to Keep Home Health Care 'Dues Skim' Money Flowing

… U.S. Constitution. The SEIU has taken more than … handing it over to the SEIU. Earlier, the legislature … employee. The SEIU was taking dues under … loved ones . The SEIU Healthcare Michigan … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' Days Are Numbered

Work to get caregivers their money back continues

… contract upon which the SEIU " Dues Skim " is based … stop." In 2005, the SEIU perpetrated a forced … scheme has enriched SEIU coffers by more than … dummy employer the SEIU used to facilitate its … more

SEIU Election Battle Hinges On Home-Based Caregivers

Union member: 'I was born in the Mideast ... I've never seen an election that was messed up like this'

… is approaching for SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … caregivers. But even as the SEIU "dues-skim" nears an … is at issue. Current SEIU Healthcare Michigan … Muskegon, is no longer in SEIU Healthcare Michigan. … more

Pennies on the Dollar

… handing it over to the SEIU as union dues, thus … Since late 2006, the SEIU has skimmed more than … dollars from the SEIU to maintain its quasi … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' Finally Grinding To A Halt

… union. To date, the SEIU has taken more than $34 … not beholden to the SEIU. Haveman pointed … that the contract with SEIU Healthcare Michigan … only questions the SEIU attorneys have brought … more

Families Forced Into SEIU Scheme Relieved and Thankful After Proposal 4 Defeat

Robert Haynes: 'It took ordinary people like us to bring attention to what was really happening.'

… Tuesday rejected the SEIU's plan to continue the … like what they (the SEIU) wanted to do would … thought what the union (SEIU) had been doing was … since 1981.  The SEIU's scheme took a percentage … more

SEIU Election Legitimacy Questioned by Some Union Members

Union president's decision to allow mail-in votes to outgoing home-based caregivers upset some members

… potential legal action, the SEIU Healthcare Michigan … were forced into the SEIU in 2005 after a mail-in … proposal pushed by the SEIU to lock the scheme into … significant because the SEIU Healthcare Michigan … more

Capitol Protesters Fined $500 Each For Trying To Storm Senate Chamber

Most of arrested right-to-work protesters had SEIU 'dues skim' connections

… people with ties to the SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … plea agreement, the SEIU Healthcare Michigan … has not been tied to SEIU Healthcare Michigan. One … Kersting, the son of SEIU Healthcare Michigan … more

SEIU Ballot Proposal Raises Questions

Why is the SEIU involved in a ballot … selling point for the SEIU and its allies, but … or not? Whether the SEIU continues to receive … more

Commentary: Prop 4 Supporters Promise Programs That Already Exist

Home-based caregiver proposal would lock SEIU unionization scheme into state constitution

… $32 million the SEIU has taken from the Medicaid … state workers. The SEIU took the issue to federal … were unionized in the SEIU scheme, but the union … the pockets of the SEIU at the expense of Michigan’s … more

SEIU Under Investigation over Prop 4

'Dues Skim' took $35 million from Medicaid recipients

… initially hide the SEIU’s involvement. After … its money came from SEIU. Michigan Capitol … on the groups the SEIU set up to continue … paying members, the SEIU targeted the Medicaid … more

Commentary: Proposal 4 Excludes Caregivers From Getting State Employee Benefits

SEIU wants forced unionization locked into state constitution but only to take money from caregivers

… amendment that the SEIU and its followers wrote … the purpose of the SEIU taking money from them. … employees enjoy. The SEIU will not bargain on … simple. Since 2005, the SEIU has taken more than … more

SEIU Fined Almost $200,000 Over Actions Tied To 2012 Ballot Proposal Campaign

Union suffers another loss related to dues skim, which took more than $34 million from home-based caregivers

… in early 2013, the SEIU took more than $34 million … this week that the SEIU will pay $199,000 in … fees already paid, the SEIU will have paid more … shield the fact that SEIU was virtually the only … more

BREAKING NEWS: Michigan Senate Stops Home Health Care 'Dues Skim'

… now,” Owens said. “SEIU is concerned enough … International Union (SEIU). That 43,729 has now … continues to be sent to SEIU as dues. Overall, the … $29 million for the SEIU. A home health … more

Hospital SEIU Members Say Home-Based Caregivers Get 'No Benefit' From Proposal 4

'They don’t receive sick time. They don’t get vacation time. They can’t file a grievance'

… 'Yes you belong to the SEIU,' " Linebarger said. … Leavell, were at the SEIU Healthcare Michigan … minority (about 10,000) of SEIU Healthcare Michigan … Help Program and the SEIU has taken more than … more

Despite Law, SEIU Gets To Continue Taking Medicaid Check Money

Federal judge orders injunction against law; SEIU 'home health care dues skim' continues

… six month extension SEIU and MQC3 signed in April. … bureaucrats allowed the SEIU to pencil in MQC3 as … unionized. To date, the SEIU has taken more than … contingent representing the SEIU who traveled to Detroit … more

'Skim Tracker' Hits $30 Million

… railroaded into the SEIU. As a result, dues from … more

Minnesota Governor Should Look to California, Not Michigan, on Unionization of Child Care Providers

… gubernatorial run. The SEIU sponsored the legislation … the 30,000-strong SEIU Minnesota . The SEIU and AFSCME PACs also … more

SEIU Membership Drops 80 Percent After Dues Skim Ends

Union loses $4.2 million in dues and fees

… longer are part of the SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … dues or fees to the SEIU after the union orchestrated … but not before the SEIU took more than $34 … organizing drives. The SEIU health care workers … more

Home Health Care Ballot Initiative Would Usurp Power From the Governor

SEIU-backed proposal would lock union perks into the state constitution

… board. However, if the SEIU–backed proposal passes, he … complete. In 2005, the SEIU targeted Michigan’s … the framework of the SEIU scheme right into the … sympathetic to the SEIU’s forced unionization … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' and U-M Research Assistant Bills Brought On Proposal 2

Issues brought to the forefront by the Mackinac Center cited by UAW President as reasons for ballot proposal

… International Union (SEIU) targeted Michigan's … institutions. The SEIU pulled off the dues … caregivers have had SEIU dues deducted from their … That failed when the SEIU gave the dummy employer … more

The Applied Research Center

‘Racial justice think tank’ gets SEIU money. Third in a series.

… Senate to act, the SEIU continues to siphon … going, drawn from the SEIU's 2010 LM-2 report. The … not consulting for SEIU, the ARC works on racial … more

UAW Prez: SEIU ‘Dues Skim’ More Important Than RTW

… for good. The SEIU and related unions appear … more

Audit Shows SEIU 'Dues Skim' Likely Bolstered By Extra $3.7 Million; Union-Run Registry Ineffective

… the "dues skim,” the SEIU would have been enriched … Jennifer Granholm, the SEIU carried out the forced … were unionized by the SEIU. And it acknowledged … caregivers. In 2012, when the SEIU attempted to lock the … more

GOP Senators, SEIU Taxpayer Giveaways, Campaign Cash and More, OH MY!

… money annually to the SEIU government employee … contribution  from the SEIU on June 22, six weeks … Republicans and the SEIU for union support of … Day observes that the SEIU endorsed Nofs on August … more

Public School Union Members Protest Their Own Union

… to separate from the SEIU Local 517M and represent … more

'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal Proponents Cloud Issue With Mistruths

Campaign repeatedly engages in falsehoods to lock in millions for the SEIU

… Granholm was governor, the SEIU held a little-known … participants and sent to the SEIU ever since. This flow … care dues skim." The SEIU has taken more than … end the “skim,” the SEIU is resorting to a ballot … more

Prop 4 Not About Home Care

… own website , the SEIU is an employee union … 4 maintain that the SEIU is spending millions … This has netted the SEIU more than $32 million … First comes from the SEIU. According to the … more

Health Care Unionization Campaign Changes Its Story — Again

Ballot proposal avoids the one issue it is about: Money for the SEIU

… background checks. The SEIU to date has taken … state constitution. The SEIU, which has been  financing … one thing only — the SEIU is attempting to hijack … it's time we tell the SEIU 'No, hands off our constitution.' … more

'Dues Skim' Proponents, State Department Struggle to Explain Health Care Scheme

Group would lock in millions for SEIU in forced unionization

… theme surrounding the SEIU scheme to trap unsuspecting … dummy employer the SEIU used to facilitate its … being taken by the SEIU. Minicuci checked again … same time? The SEIU and others, including … more

Prop 4 Would Put Union Scam in Constitution

… disabled people into SEIU coffers, for which the … unions, which is why the SEIU bankrolled an initiative … more

Legal Foundation Seeks End to Forced Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers

State agency asked to award $3 million back to workers that the SEIU took as dues

… action against the SEIU asks the Michigan … become known as the SEIU "dues skim" that began … being forced into the SEIU. To date more than $32 … has been taken by the SEIU from workers, most of … more

Study Says Most Home Health Care Workers Taking Care of Family, Friends

SEIU has taken more than $31M from workers; union 'shellgame' hurts disabled

… friends. In 2005, the SEIU targeted Michigan's … source . To date, the SEIU has taken more than … Opsommer, R-Dewitt, "This SEIU-supported ballot proposal … In $28 Million For SEIU ... And Climbing Why … more

Better Late Than Never: An End To the 'Dues Skim'

What can $29 million buy?

… received $5,000 from the SEIU on the day in June … still voted with the SEIU — the lone Republican … more

Labor Union Caught in Dues Skim Fails to File Annual Report with Federal Government

SEIU Healthcare Michigan reported losing 80 percent of its members after dues skim ended

Last year when SEIU Healthcare Michigan … Department of Labor. “For SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … in violation.” SEIU Healthcare Michigan’s … $34 million to the SEIU. In 2014 the union … more

Ballot Proposal to Exploit Disabled Medicaid Recipients

… payments as "dues," the SEIU has quietly taken more … bargains against. The SEIU appears willing to prop … government workers. But the SEIU filed suit in federal … not matched by the SEIU and MQCCC arguments … more

'It's hard to believe the union could get away with something like this'

Ex-Teamster says it's 'thievery' that the SEIU is taking money he could use to take care of his mother

… are members of the SEIU thanks to a unionization … a case against the SEIU over unfair labor practices. The legal … million. In 2005, the SEIU pulled off a forced … care. To date, the SEIU has taken more than … more

Muskegon SEIU Escape Vote Set For This Week

… International Union (SEIU). The specific branch of the SEIU involved is Healthcare … outspoken critic of the SEIU and Healthcare Michigan. … switch unions. “SEIU was trying to negotiate … more

SEIU Healthcare Michigan Lives on Without 'Employer'

… “employer” for members of SEIU Healthcare Michigan … agreement since 2006. The SEIU takes union dues from … its doors. SEIU “Remains in Force” It … the MQC3’s existence, SEIU Healthcare Michigan … more

Michigan Ballot Proposals

Health Care Workers Vote to Bolt from 'Corrupt' SEIU

… International Union (SEIU) to try to get Saginaw … themselves out of the SEIU Healthcare union last … in favor of leaving SEIU to 22 for staying. One … workers became the first SEIU members outside of California … more

Muskegon Health Care Workers Get Out of SEIU

… specific branch of the SEIU involved is Healthcare … September election, means SEIU Healthcare Michigan … glad to be rid of the SEIU. “I'm thrilled,” … our shoulders. “SEIU brags about being an … more

Attorney General Orders State To Stop SEIU 'Dues Skim'

… the withholding of SEIU dues from private individuals … election cycle.   The SEIU hasn’t given any money … executive vice president of the SEIU who made $222,876 in 2010, and SEIU president Mary Kay Henry, … more

GOP-Dominated Senate To SEIU: 'Here's $4 Million'

… continues to be sent to SEIU as dues. Overall, the … $28 million for the SEIU. Last June, the … Scandal Roots of SEIU Forced Unionization … Dues Keep Flowing To SEIU SEIU Sent … more

Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Forced Unionization 'Dues Skim' Linked To West Coast Scandal

SEIU officials who led charge to unionize unsuspecting workers are now long gone

… at Local 6434 of the SEIU.  With a membership … health care workers, SEIU Local 6434 was the … headed the national SEIU until 2010 and in the early … the first president of SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … more

Mystery Contribution Kept ‘Dues Skim’ Alive

Union gave dummy employee $12,000, but that money not specified on federal report

… on the report. SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … specifies that the SEIU gave $12,000 to the … March 31, 2013, the SEIU took more than $34 million … mail-in election, the SEIU said it got enough votes … more

Union Health Care Ballot Supporters Say They Have Enough Signatures for a Vote

Union claimed First Amendment rights in court; ballot promoters now claim it's to protect workers, patients

… said no one from the SEIU was present. Instead, the … caregivers' checks. The SEIU then had attorneys from … dues flow continues]," SEIU attorney Scott Kronland … workers. "The SEIU has openly admitted … more

New Law Frees Home Health Care Providers From Stealth Unionization, Dues Skim

Illegal arrangement that netted SEIU $29.4 million from the developmentally disabled comes to an end

… arrangement that allowed the SEIU to skim from Medicaid … collective bargaining, the SEIU conducted a union representation … more

No Lean Times For SEIU 'Dues Skim' Union Bosses

… skim .” To date, the SEIU has collected more than … Snyder. Meanwhile, the SEIU has taken steps toward … $7,130,343 was paid to the SEIU national union in Washington, … of the top brass at SEIU Healthcare Michigan … more

Dues and Don'ts

Should all businesses be forced to pay dues to the Chamber of Commerce?

… last week that the SEIU was removing hundreds … more
Rob and Pat Haynes, Melissa Haynes

Ballot Proposal Would Exploit Disabled Medicaid Recipients for Union’s Political Agenda

… payments as “dues,” the SEIU quietly has taken more … those designated by the SEIU as government employees … records show that the SEIU has paid the MQCCC $12,000. The SEIU appears willing to prop … more

skimTRACKER 'Forced Unionization' Dues: More Than $34 Million Taken By The SEIU

… MILLION TAKEN BY THE SEIU FROM MICHIGAN HOME HELP … International Union (SEIU) "organized” Michigan's … first counter tallied SEIU dues skimmed since the … contract between the SEIU and the dummy employer … more

Unionization Case Before The Supreme Court Could Have Lasting National Impact

Harris v. Quinn could make all public employees eligible for right-to-work; case is flying under the radar

… which resulted in the SEIU taking more than $34 … Confidential of the SEIU Dues Skim Legal … Money SEIU Election Battle Hinges … Scheme Infighting At The SEIU How the … more

Exemptions, Navigators and New Members

Big Labor's payback from Obamacare

… that "Obamacare is an SEIU and AFSCME membership … health care law. SEIU President Mary Kay Henry … more

Home Health Care 'Dues Skim' More Than Matches SEIU '08 Obama Contributions

… gave him in 2008. If SEIU were to send him only … enough. About five years ago SEIU pulled off a covert … dues skim.” The SEIU has now received more … gave Obama made the SEIU one of his biggest … more

Law Enforcement Does Not Universally Support Proposal 4

State sheriff's association says it's wrong for special interests to meddle with State Constitution

… losing money to the SEIU. The union has taken … to try and stop the SEIU from taking the money. Proposal … more

Attorney General Appeals Ruling That Allows SEIU to Keep Taking Dues From Medicaid Checks

… residents to pay to the SEIU, which had challenged … put a stop to it. The SEIU has taken more than … the money. The SEIU is promoting a ballot … November. ~~~~~ See also: SEIU Extends Home Health … more

Courage, Conviction Help Take Down Forced Unionization Schemes

… tallied the money the SEIU took from home-based … more

The Human Side of Right-to-Work Legislation

These are real people who have been hurt by forced unionization

… Medicaid stipend. The SEIU has taken  over $33 … end the scheme, the SEIU took legal action and … members outside of the SEIU. If Michigan becomes … more

Health Care Workers Having Trouble Finding Union That Plays Fair

Union member: 'Thank God that Michigan is now a right-to-work state'

… manner . The specific SEIU affiliate involved was SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … agreement. After leaving the SEIU, the health care workers … broke away from the SEIU.  Officials from … more

Roots of SEIU Forced Unionization 'Money Skim' Lead To Former ACORN Organizer

… $28 million to the SEIU, which the union can … are paying dues to SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … the division of the SEIU technically involved … unionization. SEIU Healthcare Michigan … more

No Relief In Sight For Home Health Care Workers

Without action from governor's office, SEIU 'Dues Skim' likely to continue until at least fall

… Healthcare Michigan (SEIU). The collective bargaining … were forced into joining the SEIU. As a result, dues from … decline membership in the SEIU and must then pay a … Scandal Roots of SEIU Forced Unionization … more

'Forced Unionization' Employer Out of the Picture, But Dues Keep Flowing To SEIU

Despite state officials' past certainty, some now unsure who actually 'employs' home health care workers

… continue to roll into SEIU coffers . So far, the SEIU has taken more than … checks and sent to the SEIU. Under the administration … paying dues to the SEIU is 56,422. On Jan. … more

Two Wins for Freedom from Union Coercion in 2014

The end of the dues skim and the busting of the 'August Window'

… became known as the SEIU dues skim . It was … unionization and the SEIU maneuvering to keep … millions of dollars SEIU was taking from home-based … the dues skim. The SEIU went to court to keep … more

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Look At Forced Unionization

Illinois case could free home-based caregivers nationwide

… in Illinois are the SEIU and the American Federation … Jennifer Granholm, the SEIU and AFSCME used dummy … Confidential of the SEIU Dues Skim Legal … Money SEIU Election Battle Hinges … more

Union Money Behind Health Care Ballot Proposal Not Well Hidden

Use of a dummy corporation will keep official disclosure 'secret' until next year

… Care First Inc. SEIU Healthcare Michigan, an SEIU affiliate, is the most … other affiliates of SEIU likely are contributing … finance rules. The SEIU has a vested interest … more

SEIU Sent Key GOP Senator $5K on Day Bill to End 'Forced Unionization' Arrived in Senate

Home health care unionization continues to this day

… Skim , under which the SEIU has received more … checks and given to the SEIU as union dues. According … dues flowing to the SEIU. This dues flow … annually, which the SEIU could use for political … more

Supreme Court Rules Unions Can't Take Extra Fees Without Consent

SEIU, other unions must provide opt-in clause to spend members' money on political activities

… the decision in the SEIU v. Knox case portends … fee charged by the SEIU. The union did not provide … Confidential Coverage of the SEIU Michigan … more

SEIU Extends Home Health Care Contract On Day Governor Signs Bill Making 'Dues Skim' Illegal

Questions surround signing that extends contract through February 2013

… Care Council and the SEIU keeps what is now known … last month but the SEIU sued in federal court  to … an affiliate of the SEIU, signed the contract … employer used by the SEIU to net tens of thousands … more

Michigan Families Set Stage For Helping End Forced Unionization Schemes

Supreme Court ruled daycare, home-based caregivers not public employees and can't be unionized

… unionization attempts. The SEIU went after the home-based … became known as the SEIU "dues skim" involved … detours.  The SEIU's scheme in Michigan … forced unionization were SEIU officials from California … more

Union Money Helps 'Dues Skim' Stay Alive

Home health care workers still losing money to SEIU despite law to end the scam; dummy employer executive director working only 3 hours a month

… least $12,000 from the SEIU to keep the scheme alive. Emails … seven years after the SEIU pulled off a scheme … $1,000; MDRC $3,000; and SEIU $12,000. Steinke … millions of dollars the SEIU has taken in, the breakdown … more

While Helping Out Injured Ex-Wife, Man Forced Into Union

Proposal 4 would ensure that people like Richard Nottage remain unionized public employees

… been taken by the SEIU from tens of thousands of … Michigan.  And, if the SEIU gets its way, the scheme … money taken by the SEIU nonetheless. Nottage … received a letter from SEIU, urging him to vote … more

Supreme Court Ruling Opens Door For Daycare Workers To Get Money Back

Unions took $4 million from Michigan daycare workers; class action lawsuit now possible

… place than it took the SEIU with the home-based … Confidential of the SEIU Dues Skim Legal … Money SEIU Election Battle Hinges … Scheme Infighting At The SEIU How the … more

Media Resoundingly Rejects Prop 2, Prop 4

Only two weekly newspapers support either of the union-backed plans to alter the state constitution

… on Proposal 4. The SEIU has taken more than … Granholm was governor. The SEIU needs the amendment … that enriches only the SEIU." Even some disability … more