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Fewer New Michigan COVID-19 Cases Since George Floyd Protests Began

The number of new COVID-19 cases reported in Michigan has fallen since protests of police brutality have occurred throughout the state.

The first day of protests of the death of a man killed while under police custody in Minnesota, was May 29.

In the seven days before the first protests (May 23-May 29), there were 2,256 new COVID-19 cases reported in Michigan.

In the seven days after the first day of protesting (May 30-June 5), there were 1,641 new cases confirmed in the state.

The city of Detroit is reporting more new COVID-19 cases during this time.

In the seven days leading up to the protests, Detroit reported 283 new coronavirus cases. In the seven days after that first day, the city had 422 new confirmed cases.

The data is based on what the state of Michigan is reporting.

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