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Figures Indicate Michigan Small Business Crushed By Pandemic And State Response

More than one-third have closed, potentially forever for many

The number of small businesses still open in Michigan has fallen by 35.8% since January. This means the pandemic and government responses to it have forced more than one-third of all small businesses here to close their doors, with many likely to remain closed permanently.

That’s higher than the national average of 28.9%.

The data comes from Womply, a marketing firm that says it is used by more than 500,000 businesses.

It was shared by, a website maintained by Opportunity Insights, a not-for-profit organization located at Harvard University.

The website hopes to track the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

The Michigan Restaurant that Lodging Association stated that nearly 5,000 restaurants and hotels here are at risk of permanent closure if state lockdown restrictions don’t change.

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