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Grand Ledge School Cancels Christmas, Valentine’s Day Parties

Hayes Intermediate School, of the Grand Ledge Public Schools district, will no longer allow holiday parties and will instead use the time to focus on what it calls “cultural lessons.”

A letter about the decision addressed to parents and staff Oct. 8 states:

“Hayes Intermediate students and staff will not be wearing costumes or having parties for Halloween. In addition, we will not be having Christmas/Holiday or Valentine’s Day parties. Instead, we will be engaging in cultural lessons and activities throughout the year.”

John Ellsworth, director of communications for the district, said, “When we told the community about the district grade restructuring initiative, we explained that Hayes Intermediate School would begin to transition students away from self-contained, elementary methods of instruction to more departmentalized, secondary-school methods. This is part of the natural transition away from the typical, extravagant productions that are sometimes lower elementary classroom parties towards the more conventional acknowledgment of holidays without giant classroom events.”

Hayes Intermediate houses fifth and sixth grade students. So far, it is the only school in the district to cancel its annual holiday celebrations.

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