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Huge Added Payouts Hidden By Misleading Police 'Top Salary' Claims

Westland says it pays cops a top salary of $72k; with added extras many get much, much more

The city of Westland police department is looking to hire some new officers.

On an Oct. 24 Facebook post, the Westland Police Community Partnership page posted, “Top salary of $72,671, with a total compensation package of $87,093.”

But in reality, Westland police officers are paid far more than that, according to 2020 city payroll records.

There were 123 total police department employees that year, with 49 of them collecting $100,000 or more in gross pay in 2020, according to city records.

But Westland offers its police officers as many 57 different compensation categories to collect from.

For example, the police department paid out $215,000 to employees for unused sick time in 2020. Another $702,537 was paid for unused vacation time.

There are also extra payouts for overtime, hazard duty and clothing allowances.

The biggest bonuses come to those who stay on the payroll long enough to collect retirement benefits from the department.

A Westland lieutenant with 20 years on the payroll collected $221,331 in 2020 after cashing out retirement perks. The amount include a combined $110,466 for unused vacation and sick time.

A Westland sergeant retired with a gross pay of $197,402 in 2020, with $79,700 coming from payouts for unused sick and vacation time.

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