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Kumbaya? Senate D’s and R’s Unite For Aircraft Owner Tax Breaks

A different story in the House, though

With the country appearing to be fractured politically, it is worth reporting when both Democrats and Republicans in the Michigan Senate can come together to support a bill.

That’s what happened Wednesday when the Senate voted 36-0 to pass House Bill 4351, sponsored by Rep. Bronna Kahle, R-Adrian. It would exempt private aircraft owners from having to pay sales tax on airplane parts, and a second bill would extend the exemption to the use tax. Sen. Jack Brandenberg, R-Harrison Township, was not present for the votes.

When the bills passed the House in May, however, there was no similar outbreak of bipartisan comity on behalf of private aircraft owners. House Bill 4351 was opposed by 33 of 45 House Democrats, and five of 63 House Republicans. An official fiscal analysis projects that the bills would save aircraft owners $4 million a year — and reduce state revenue by the same amount.


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