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Media Dramatizes Spike In New Covid Cases, Downplays Plummeting Deaths

The MIRS news service sent out its latest Michigan "BREAKING NEWS" report with the headline, "July COVID Cases Nearly Double That Of June"

The comparison was based on the average number of new cases per day rising from 254 in June to 425 in the first 24 days of July.

However, in June there were an average of 15.0 deaths per day associated with COVID-19, with two days not counted due to statistical anomalies. So far from July 1-24, there have been an average of 8.5 coronavirus-related deaths per day in Michigan according to the New York Times.

There were a total of 203 Michigan deaths linked to coronavirus deaths from July 1-24. On two single days in April where the state had more deaths than the first 24 days of July. April was the worst month for COVID-19 deaths, when an average of 117.5 people died per day from the disease.

As of July 20, there were 680 COVID-19 patients in Michigan hospitals, according to the state of Michigan. The bed occupancy rate for the state's hospitals averaged 67% as of July 20.

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