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Media Off-Base On COVID Hospitalization Rate Report

The Detroit Free Press reported erroneous COVID-19 hospital capacity figures in a March 25 story.

The newspaper reported: “Hospital bed occupancy for COVID-19 patients statewide was at 72% on Monday, according to state health department data.”

However that bed occupancy is for all patients, not just those admitted for coronavirus.

A state report defines "Bed Occupancy" as “The percentage of staffed inpatient beds occupied by any patient regardless of COVID-19 status. This includes surge or overflow beds.”

The Detroit Free Press also stated, “Thirteen hospitals reported they were at capacity of 90% or more.”

That is correct, but is lacking context. For example, the McLaren Bay Special Care hospital in Bangor Township reported 100% bed occupancy but listed having just one COVID-19 patient.

These 13 hospitals with 90% or more capacity reported having a total of 413 COVID-19 patients.

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