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Michigan Columnist Challenges Trump To Increase School Spending; Federal Funding Most Ever

Fiscal Agency records go back to 2000

Detroit Free Press sports columnist Jeff Seidel wrote a column about comments made by President Donald Trump on the city of Detroit.

When discussing violence in big cities Trump said “it’s like living in hell” and mentioned Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago, according to Fox News.

Seidel wrote: “You want to help them, President Trump? You want to do something about violence in big cities? Increase education funding.”

In 2019-20, the state of Michigan received $2.4 billion in federal dollars for K-12 schools. It was the most the state had received in federal money since 2000-01 [not factoring for inflation]. This is the earliest year available from online Senate Fiscal Agency records showing Michigan's federal education funding.

That May 27 Senate Fiscal Agency update likely includes federal money for the COVID-19 epidemic. On June 12, the Detroit Public Schools Community District stated in an email to Michigan Capitol Confidential that it had not received any federal money in response to the coronavirus epidemic as of yet.

Trump increased federal funding to K-12 Michigan schools in his past two budgets. It went from $1.73 billion in 2017-18 to $1.75 billion in 2018-19 before the big increase this year.

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