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Mackinac Center on TV: Wright explains student loan lawsuit on Fox & Friends

‘Bad policy, illegally enacted,’ Wright says of Biden’s latest student loan forgiveness scheme

Patrick Wright, the Mackinac Center’s vice president for legal affairs, took to cable news to explain why the think tank is suing over President Joe Biden’s latest student loan forgiveness scheme.

Last month, Biden unilaterally discharged $39 billion in student loans. Biden framed this as the resolution of “past administrative failures.” But the move came on the heels of a debt ceiling deal that terminated the Biden student loan pause, and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, in Biden vs. Nebraska, that the president does not have the authority to appropriate money in this way — that’s the role of Congress.

“It’s a bad policy, illegally enacted,” Wright said of the Biden administration’s attempts at a scaled-back student loan forgiveness scheme.

“It's just basic civics with an amount of money like this, you need clear direction from Congress,” Wright said. “That's what was decided in the Biden v. Nebraska case by the Supreme Court. The Biden administration doesn't seem to have learned that lesson. They've issued two press releases, but press releases are not legislation and until they do it right, they can't make this kind of policy change.”

See the interview for yourself here.

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