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Report: Michigan ‘poorest we’ve ever been’ in personal income

Michiganders earn 87 cents for every dollar earned in America

Michigan is no longer keeping pace financially with other states, per a Bridge Michigan report based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

In 2022 Michigan was “the poorest we’ve been compared to the country, ever,” according to one expert. The average Michigander earned 87 cents for every dollar earned by the average American. That’s lower than it was in 2009, Bridge reports.

Reporter Ron French wrote:

Michigan, which was above average for most of the 20th Century, now ranks 39th in the nation in personal income, and is the lowest in the Midwest. Ohio is ranked 38th; Indiana, 34th, Wisconsin, 27th; Illinois 16th’ and Minnesota, 13th.

“This is the poorest we’ve been compared to the country, ever — I just think it’s shocking,” said Lou Glazer, president of Michigan Future, Inc. “It’s the culmination of 40 years of decline, irrespective of what party is in charge in Lansing or Washington.”

Michigan’s per-capita income was $57,038 in 2022, while the national average was $65,470. 

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