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Official Michigan Regional Virus Risk Map Out Of Date

‘Map colors reflect official risk levels...’ - not anymore

A MiSafeMap that is maintained by the state of Michigan and the University of Michigan has not been updated in a month, as of 3 p.m. Sept. 14.

The website states, “Map colors reflect official risk levels which convey the risk of spread of the epidemic in a region.”

The regional information appears to be outdated, however, especially for the Saginaw region, which officials had designated as having a “high risk level” as of Aug. 14, but which no longer meets any of the website’s criteria for that level. The website’s last posted update was on Aug. 14.

That Aug. 14 update stated that the Saginaw region had been moved to the high-risk category due to a “sustained period” of increased case levels, exceeding a rate of 40 per million.

As of Sept. 9, the website lists the Saginaw region as having a low level of positive tests, and a medium-high risk level using the cases-per-million rate metric.

Yet, the region remains officially listed as “high risk” on the map.

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