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Girl Scouts get $1M in 2024 from Michigan taxpayers

Chapter receiving grant has $20M in assets

The Girl Scouts of Southeast Michigan were awarded $1 million from the 2024 state budget. It is not clear which legislator asked for the award or how the organization will use it. The organization did not respond to an email request for comment.

The Girl Scouts chapter had $11,439,078 in revenue in 2022, according to the 990 form the nonprofit filed with the Internal Revenue Service. It had $20,740,901 in net assets.

Monica Woodson is the CEO of Girl Scouts of Southeast Michigan, with an annual salary of $178,414 and $10,327 in additional income. Denise Minoletti, the chief financial officer, made $136,935 in 2022, with $23,346 documented as other compensation.

Most of the pork projects awarded in the state budget are in the category of Labor and Economic Opportunity grants.

CapCon previously reported that lawmakers allocated $1 billion-plus in earmarks, with no oversight as to how the money will be spent.

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