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Grand Rapids Ballet awarded $1.8M in state budget

Ballets’ budget in 2022 was $3.2M

The Grand Rapids Ballet received a $1.8 million earmark from Michigan taxpayers in the state’s 2024 budget. That’s more than enough to cover its salary expenses, reported at $1.4 million in the 2022 filing of its Form 990.

The state grant exceeds the $1.4 million in employee expenses reported on the ballet’s Form 990 for 2022. Compensation for two executive positions came to $218,408, or 6.8% of total expenses. Compensation for all employees was $1,475,692, or 46% of expenses.

The ballet’s $3.2 million in total revenue was produced primarily from contributions and program services. The $1.8 million grant from the state represents 56% of the organization’s 2022 revenue.

The state budget offers no information about why the ballet was awarded $1.8 million, who requested it, or how the money will be spent. The ballet did not respond to an email seeking comment.

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