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Preferred Gender Pronouns Important To Nation’s Largest Teachers Union

At future events held by the nation’s largest teachers union, a space will be placed on name tags, badges and IDs on which attendees can indicate the personal gender pronoun by which they prefer to be addressed and referred.

The union will also begin placing preferred gender pronoun fields in its “NEA360” member contact platform, which it says is “used to create a deeper profile of each member, help shape effective campaigns and programs, and strengthen our Association.”

The National Education Association leadership passed a resolution calling for the action at its recent 2019 annual assembly held in Houston. It stated that the resolution supports the LGBTQ+ community by “normalizing gender pronouns.”

“Normalizing this across all genders and binaries builds a safe, respectful space for individuals and will give locals information regarding pronouns about their membership creating inclusivity at the local level,” the resolution stated as its rationale.