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Raise For Detroit School Union Official Exceeds Salary Of Many Teachers

Union dues for district employees $18.45 per month

The highest paid employee for the AFT-Michigan union is no longer its president. It’s Jon Curtiss, who is now collecting a salary of $191,395 after getting a $65,188 raise in 2017.

In 2015-16 the average Detroit teacher salary was $57,793.

Curtiss is listed as the “K-12 Organizer & Policy Analyst” on the AFT-Michigan website.

The salary of union president David Hecker was $162,718 in 2016, with an overall compensation of $181,996. Hecker’s salary dropped to $158,250 in 2017 and his overall compensation was $169,653.

According to released recently LM-2 union reports filed with the federal government, Curtiss made $126,207 in 2016.

AFT-Michigan’s largest union is the AFT-Detroit, which represents about 3,000 public school teachers working for the Detroit Public Schools Community District. Those teachers went five years without a pay raise but did get a 3 percent raise this year. Union dues are listed on the LM-2 form as $18.45 per month.

Curtiss and AFT-Michigan President David Hecker didn’t respond to an email seeking comment.