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Retailers To Whitmer: We Aren't Your Face Mask Police

Governor imposes face mask mandate for customers at any business open to public

The Michigan Retailers Association said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order that businesses must not serve customers without a face mask is impossible to enforce.

Whitmer issued an executive order July 10 that require businesses to prohibit customers who don't wear a face mask from being on the premises or from being served.

"Notably, the order includes various exemptions, and it still allows individuals to enter a public space without a mask if they cannot medically tolerate it," the Michigan Retailers Association stated. "Determining the validity of an ambiguous exemption is an impossible task for a retailer. And now, even retailers acting in good faith could be subject to severe licensing sanctions based on the actions of non-compliant customers."

The Michigan Retailers Association said enforcement should be left to the police. Retailers found to be in violation of the executive order could have their business license temporary suspended as well as their liquor license.

“While retailers and retail employees appreciate Gov. Whitmer’s efforts to increase the number of residents wearing masks when in enclosed, public spaces, we are frustrated that she did not leave the policing to law enforcement officers,” the Michigan Retailers Association stated. “This puts retail employees in potentially dangerous situations when they’re forced to confront unmasked customers.”

“We worry for retail employees’ safety and disagree with the overly aggressive penalties for retailers,” the Michigan Retailers Association stated. “When shopping, please wear a mask and understand that retailers are not to blame for the state’s mask requirement.”

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