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Son Of COVID-19? Michigan Hasn't Had More Coronavirus Deaths Than There Are Serial Killer Victims

Michigan Attorney General makes false claim in comparing COVID-19 to serial killers

In a MLive story about the reluctance of some police agencies to enforce state mandates in executive orders, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel compared COVID-19 to a serial killer.

“What I would liken this to is, if in your community there is a killer on the loose ... and you called up your local police chief or your local sheriff, “ Nessel said, according to MLive. “You wouldn’t want your local police chief or sheriff to say, that’s on you.”

“COVID is the serial killer of our time,” Nessel said. “ ... It’s taken more lives in our state than all the serial killers in American history put together ... and that’s why we all have to work together to quash this invisible killer.”

According to a serial killer database run by a public university, as of September 2016, serial killers in the U.S. have had 11,465 victims. The database uses the FBI definition of a serial killer, which is, “The unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events.”

Michigan has had 6,369 deaths linked to COVID-19 as of July 19, far fewer than the 11,465 people killed by serial killers in the U.S.

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