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State Mandates Businesses Collect Customer Info - And No Sweat If It's Bogus

No need to confirm names on required contact tracing list aren't really Mickey and Minnie

Under a new state "contact tracing" mandate imposed on Michigan businesses, firms have no duty to verify that the contact information they must collect from patrons is correct, and are not required to deny entry to customers who refuse to cooperate.

That’s what a "Frequently Asked Questions" post on a state website says about the mandate imposed by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, effective Nov. 2.

The state "encourages" establishments to deny entry to individuals who refuse to provide their name and contact information. Businesses are also asked to collect information from everyone at a table, including parental information for minors. But the FAQ document says it is acceptable to collect contact information just from the head of the household.

The order does not affect just restaurants and bars. According to the FAQ the mandate extends to: "Barbering, cosmetology services, body art services (including tattooing and body piercing), tanning services, massage services, or similar personal care services; Recreational sports and exercise facilities, and entertainment facilities (except for outdoor, non-ticketed events), including arenas, cinemas, concert halls, performance venues, sporting venues, stadiums and theaters, as well as places of public amusement, such as amusement parks, arcades, and bingo halls; all businesses or operations that provide in-home services, including cleaners, repair persons, painters; all dine-in food service establishments, including bars and restaurants."

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