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Suspended Ferris State Prof: Second Amendment Gives Scared White Men Right To Shoot Blacks

Placed on paid leave after sending students obscenity-laced video

Ferris State University professor Barry Mehler, who was suspended pending an investigation of a controversial video he sent students, said the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms allows white men to shoot Black people.

Mehler’s remarks appeared in a Jan. 21 interview posted on YouTube. The professor was defending the comments he made in the earlier video to students. In the newer video, he cited the First Amendment and free speech to explain why his profanity-laced video to students should be allowed. He then mentioned the Second Amendment.

“The Second Amendment gives white men the right to carry a gun and shoot Black people when they are afraid. ‘I saw him and I was scared so I shot.’ Stand your ground,” said Mehler, who is the director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism at Ferris State.

Mehler is collecting an annual state university salary of $104,804.

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