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Tavern Owner Chooses Civil Disobedience; Liquor License Suspended

A state of Michigan investigator entered Corky’s Beal City Tavern in Mount Pleasant on Jan. 8 and observed people drinking alcohol inside the premises.

Having customers inside drinking is in violation of the state lockdown that was imposed Nov. 18. Originally, a three-week pause that closed inside service to bars and restaurants, the lockdown has now entered its 63rd day as of Jan. 19.

The official report said the state investigator told owner Kirk Arndt that his place was in violation of the state order.

The report said, “Kirk Arndt, a member of the licensed entity, who was not wearing a mask. Mr. Arndt acknowledged that the MDHHS Gatherings and Face Mask Order is still in effect, but he indicated that he does not agree with it and is no longer going to comply with it.”

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has suspended Corky's Beal City Tavern's liquor license. Since September 2020, the MLCC has suspended liquor licenses of a total of 37 establishments throughout Michigan for violating state COVID-19 orders.

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