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Teachers Union: Migrants Held In ‘Concentration Camps’

NEA says its goal is ‘ending the criminalization of border crossings’

The largest teachers union in the country asserts that immigrants are being held in “concentration camps” and said it will work to end the criminalization of border crossings.

The National Education Association adopted the position under "New Business Items" at its recent annual meeting in Houston.

The adopted text reads: “The NEA will publicize our vigorous defense of immigrants’ rights, defending the right to asylum, ending the criminalization of border crossings, opposing child separation, the construction of a border wall, and immediately shutting down immigrant concentration camps.”

The rationale given for the position was, “Immigrants are held in conditions that have been accurately compared to concentration camps. We must fight to end these atrocities and stand with all immigrants, with out [sic] students and their families.”