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Three Separate Days In April, More Died In Michigan Of Coronavirus Than First 19 Days July

In the first 19 days of July, there have been 172 deaths in Michigan linked to COVID-19. That includes the two deaths linked to COVID-19 in Michigan on Sunday.

To put this figure in perspective, near the beginning of the pandemic in April, there were three single days on which more people died than during the entire 19-day period of July 1 through July 19. On April 16, there were 172 deaths linked to COVID-19, which is the same number of deaths as occurred through July's first 19 days.

The three days on which Michigan experienced the highest number of coronavirus deaths were all in April. They were:

April 10: 204 deaths

April 21: 232 deaths

April 25: 189 deaths

The data comes from The New York Times. There were 250 deaths in Michigan linked to COVID-19 on June 5, but that day is marked as a data anomaly by The New York Times.

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