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Top Heads Of Detroit Teachers Union Enjoyed Big Raises During Epidemic

Schools still closed, though

The two top officials in the Detroit public schools teachers union enjoyed notably large pay increases from the district last year.

Terrence Martin, president of the teachers union known as the Detroit Federation of Teachers, saw his gross pay increase from $125,825 in 2018-19 to $139,216 in 2019-20, a 10.6% increase.

Lakia Wilson, the executive vice president of the teachers union who is also employed by the district as a counselor, saw her gross pay rise from $96,206 in the 2018-19 school year to $120,825 in 2019-20, a 25.6% increase.

A strike threat by the union was averted last August when the district made concessions. The state’s largest school district offered face-to-face instruction from Sept. 8 through Nov. 16, but then suspended in-person instruction. Classrooms were originally scheduled to reopen in January but are now set to open on March 8.

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