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Township Board Rejects Locking Down Small Stores But Not Big Ones

They're unanimous in not buying the rationale

The Columbia Township Board in Jackson county unanimously passed a resolution rejecting the rationale behind Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 stay-at-home executive order that allows large businesses deemed essential to stay open while shuttering many small businesses.

The resolution read:

“Now therefore be it resolved this 18th Day of May, 2020 That the Board of Columbia Township, Jackson County, Michigan does reject the premise that the Governor of the State of Michigan holds that it is unsafe and unlawful to allow small businesses to operate, when at the same time, large corporate businesses continue trade and commerce with only minor restrictions, and therefore opposes and rejects that premise and believe that businesses following legal business practices and using suggested safe business practices and attempting to provide the highest safety for their employees and clients should be allowed to operate in Columbia Township, Jackson County, Michigan.”

The township has about 7,365 residents.

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